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Vibration analysis is the top-notch method to discover machine severity and identify what kind the problem is, mostly in rotating equipment. By analyzing the FFT Spectrum or Time Waveform, this method has performed the easy way to obtain machine diagnostics in order to predictive maintenance.

Unbalance is the most common problem found in rotating equipment, it may turn into excessive vibration then ruined out bearing or other machine components.
In-situ balancing offers the solution to damp the dominant vibration with no rotor dismantle.

Energy loss and poor eficiency can be created by misalignment, where stator and rotor are not in the same line, that may cause a massive harmful effect even sudden failure.
By doing laser precision aligment, stator and rotor position can be adjusted into the proper position as it should be.

Infrared Thermography is the non-contact measurement using IR camera to scan the condition of machine, electrical equipment, wall insulation, and other equipments that radiate heat energy.
By delivering a cutting-edge technology, makes this method is the easiest way to identify the abnormal condition.