The VOYAGER Offline Plant Information Management System offers a comprehensive yet easy-to-use solution that enables the plant to integrate and share data collected. It virtually eliminates error in manual data gathering and recording, enhancing communication and teamwork across functional lines.

VOYAGER unites the power of the versatile, durable and extremely reliable TRANSPORTER Portable Data Terminal with that of the ORION Offline Data Analysis Software, an innovative suite of applications that combines various condition monitoring technologies and data acquisition methods into a unified display and database environment.

The benefits of using VOYAGER are summarised below:

  • Improved Operational Performance in terms of Output Production, Product Quality and Customer Service
    Increases personnel productivity by reducing time and minimizing errors as opposed to manual logging, providing better measurement of issue resolution.
  • Greater Cost-Effectiveness on the Maintenance side
    VOYAGER focuses on the maintenance actions that have the greatest effect on the reliability of the system. This means that money spent on maintenance funding is used where it does the most good. A proper analysis usually significantly reduces the amount of routine maintenance.
  • Better Teamwork
    A common ground to facilitate teamwork across plant functions. VOYAGER supports your plant personnel with wireless applications, increase productivity, improve communication and accelerate operations.
  • Systematic and Comprehensive Documentation
    Data (type analog, binary,text and image embedded) are logged into the database for future references, as well as to meet internal & regulatory requirements. The documentation of the system is also very useful when there are changes in personnel, since it contains much of the knowledge of previous employees.
  • Simple and Easy-to-use
    With its pen-based computing and bar code reader, the TRANSPORTER Portable Data Terminal allows for efficient and accurate data input. Data could be bi-directionally uploaded / downloaded to the ORION Data Analysis Server.
  • Powerful Report & Analysis Tools
    The offline data are logged in a digital format for easier record, analysis and generation of powerful reports in a timely manner. Analysis and reports include: Powerful XY scatter plot and Trending over time. The Tree-view and Systematic Tag Hierarchy provides an excellent visualisation of such analysis.

VOYAGER Offline Plant Information Management System provides the solution. It also addresses the four biggest customer needs: small size, multi-channel functionality encompassing both simple data gathering and detailed diagnostics, data collection speed, and low cost