The RAYSHIM pre-cut Shims make shaft alignment ad other machine levelling tasks easier and more cost effective. It made from high-grade stainless steel material to prevent corrosion from exposure to acid or alkalis in sizes to suit almost any type of machine,

The Key Benefit of using a RAYSHIM pre-cut :

  • Cost Saving
    It has been shown that pre-cut shims are around four times more cost effective than hand-cut machine shims in time only. It only need to think about how long it takes to find shim material of the required thickness; mark it, cut it from the sheet stock, deburr and flatted it. How simple much and quicker it is to select one thats all ready to use
  • Time Better Spent
    It’s not just the cost involved in producing hand cut shims either, using pre-cut shims allows the time that whatwould have been spent on hand cutting, to be more productively for your business.
  • Easier Stock Control
    Keeping track of pre-cut shims – which come packed in special cases containing shims of different thickness separated by clearly visible dividers, is far easier and less time consuming than running an inventory off sheet stock
  • Safer work Place
    The pre-cut shims also contribute to safe working practises, reducing the danger of injury during the installation and cutting, all finished with rounded corner and perfectly deburred for maximum safety
  • Increased Accuracy
    When accuracy to hundredths of a millimeter is vital in providing optimum support for machine feet during rotating operations, even the merest fraction of innacuracy can cause vibration, which may in turn result in breakdowns and expensive machine downtime. The use of pre-cut shims offers consistently accurate positioning, so reducing the likelihood of such disasters.